Anna dasom schmitzis junior recital essay

To conclude, I really enjoyed attending this concert. Her performance really showed her potential on the piano, especially considering it was only a junior recital. Another reason why I enjoyed this piece more than the others was because of its up beat phrases played at the end of the recital. What is your most memorable concert experience.

What is your most treasured possession. I had a great teacher — not necessarily a world-class pianist, but I looked up to her immensely and she really kept me going.

The overall nature of the concert was low-key compared to the last concert I attended, but it was still very composed and organized. I was intrigued right away, so it was decided that I should have lessons. On the flip side, the fact that I play pieces that are seldom heard is also refreshing to most, so it does help me stand out.

At first I thought this piece was similar to the previous classical piano pieces, however instead this piece had a folk type melody, which really made it exceptional.

The large movements of tempo gave this piece a great musical fluidity adding to the competent consistency of the entire recital. Although this piece lacked the consistent form from the rest of the recital, I still think it presented abundant musical talent and was still an acceptable addition to the concert as a whole.

How do you make your repertoire choices from season to season. This was my first junior recital and I plan to attend more in the future now with higher expectations. Do you have a favourite concert venue to perform in and why.

Andree-Ann Deschenes, pianist

The reason it though this piece sounded so repetitive was because of the constant tempo. Deschenes holds a Master of Music degree in Afro-Latin music from California State University Los Angeles, where she obtained several Friends of Music scholarships and is currently serving as adjunct faculty.

I eventually came back to it after a while, with a new teacher, and I was hooked. This was not something that tied together to the rest of her pieces which all seemed to have a lot more movement. One day, I came home and there was an electric piano in the living room — she just went to the music store on a whim and decided to get a piano.

Which particular works do you think you play best. Although the sound of the piano was only focus of the performance, it made things feel peaceful and unique, something I never felt at the previous concerts I attended. At some points the music could have convinced some that she was actually playing a banjo instead of the piano.

August 10, Who or what inspired you to take up piano, and pursue a career in music. Do my dogs count. At times it almost sounded as if there was some sort of string instrument being used. What do you consider to be the most important ideas and concepts to impart to aspiring musicians.

Then, I never stopped.

Free Recital By Accomplished Austrian Pianist, Anna Magdalena Kokits

Most classical audiences are unfamiliar with it, so it can be hard to actually find an audience. What have been the greatest challenges of your career so far. Hoe-Down is now one of my favorite songs to do homework to or when I am just relaxing. Buffalo State faculty pianist Anna Maimine will perform a recital of solo piano works.

Maimine was born in Moscow, Russia, where she started studying piano at age four with Natalya Dolenko at the Gnessin School for Children. Ania Massetti is a Melbourne based pianist and composer specializing in western classical composition, theatre composition, live piano improvisation for events, concerts in the western classical style as well as accompanying.

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Jun 13,  · Schüler-Konzert No. 4 in D major, Op. 15 by Friedrich Seitz, Chopin Academy of Music Honors Recital, Nordstrom Recital.

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Anna Dasom Schmitz’s Junior Recital Essay Sample

Who or what inspired you to take up piano, and pursue a career in music? That’s always an interesting question, because I don’t think there was a particular event or person that inspired me directly – it was rather a collection of circumstances, I guess.

Anna dasom schmitzis junior recital essay
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